A Great Gift of Moonstone Jewelry

A Great Gift of Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone Jewelry

Over the centuries, with the brilliant play of colors and the unique sheen, moonstone has been called by different names and makes some of the eye-catching moonstone jewelry that looks all pretty with just one look. Moonstone is like an ethereal dream on a blurry night bringing the serene of the moonlight. It presents and showers the glinting light on the wearer, making them the highlight of the room.

This beautiful gem has a transparent to opaque appearance and comes in the shades of white, silver, green, pink, yellow, and even brown, depending on where they are being found. They are excellent healing stones and bring profound healing and divine feminine energies to the one who incorporates them in their lives making them the great stone for women.

The most elite moonstone is found in Sri Lanka and India. But also available in the different parts of the world like Myanmar, Norway, Brazil, Germany, Tanzania, and Madagascar.

Let’s have a look at moonstone jewelry that makes them a great gift from the heavens.

Moonstone Ring

The high demand in the market and enticing look of the moonstone rings makes them the perfect catch. They are usually set in sterling silver and rose gold, which provides elegance to the regular gem. The bright finish of the silver compliments the pretty hues of moonstone and makes an elegant piece of jewelry that one can add to their wardrobe. The luminous finish adds mystical shine and draws all the attention wherever you go.

Along with the charming look, moonstones are an excellent healing stone, and incorporating the moonstone in rings will bring balance and harmony to your life. These stone inspires flexibility and helps in psychic development and creates a connection to the divine. Moonstone will also help you release the useless stress and calm down your senses, providing you the tranquility you seek. It is also thought to work with solar plexus later helps in combating emotional stress. This beautiful ring is all you need to bring out your glorious shine and is the perfect fit for every occasion.

Moonstone Earrings

The moonstone earring is the delicate touch to the most eccentric wardrobe and is the downright elegant piece of jewelry that elevates the look. They put an enchanting charm on the wearer, making them all ready to rock the stage and amp up their style statement at the same time. Wearing the moonstone earrings will soothe the emotional turmoil and stabilize the overwhelming emotions. The fears of the past will draw out and find proper reasoning and dissolve, giving out a complete deep emotional healing to the wearer.

This beautiful piece of jewelry is a lovely addition to the wardrobe and helps the wearer get the style makeover and profound healing. Adding these pretty gems along with your most ordinary attire will give out the perfect shine elevating your looks.

Moonstone Necklace

The glorious shine of this iridescent gemstone makes a moonstone necklace that is beautiful and brings details to the wearer’s life. They give out the striking appeal to the regular attire and gives a style statement to them. The shine of these necklaces in sterling silver brings out the glamour in the gem and brightens up your look in an instant. The beautifully crafted moonstone necklace brings out the warmth, light, and life showering with positive energies.

These necklaces are eye-catching and bright that shines beautifully in the light, showcasing the brilliance within. The pretty pieces will go well with your evening attire and will set your look straight in the eyes of the admirer.

Taking Care of Your Moonstone Jewelry

These gemstones have a captivating look and are cherished for centuries giving out the beautiful shine to the one who wears them. They are like the moonlight in the dark, sharing the serene and adding a whimsy touch to your wardrobe.

But to maintain its shine, one needs to take proper care of this gemstone.

Keep the moonstone jewelry away from moisture and water as it may tarnish the setting and even spoil the look and feel of the gem. Using the chemicals when cleansing the gem is a strict no as it might hamper the stone’s sheen, further altering the natural structure of the gemstone.

Avoid using the ultrasonic cleaner on the gem. The light rays damage the gemstone making it brittle and changing the color.

Keep your jewelry pieces in felt boxes to prevent the stone from getting scratched, as it will help to keep the stone as good as new.

With the proper care, you can keep your jewelry shining for a more extended period and flaunt it wherever you go.

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