Coral Jewelry Historical Significance & Meaning and Properties

Coral Jewelry Historical Significance & Meaning and Properties

Coral is another charisma of our mother nature and is among the very first gems ever to be cherished by humankind. Dating back to ancient civilization, corals are often addressed as “garden of the sea.” They were long mistaken for a plant but instead they belong to a small group of organic gemstones. 

Corals are tiny, soft-bodied creatures that carries small, hard shells and lives in colonies. Over the time, the colony begins to form complex branches and skeletal structures containing colored pigments and hardened calcium carbonates which provides it a hardened structure. This results in amazing colors and fascinating color tints over the gem’s surface. Such a beautiful showcase of color blast played their part quite well in placing corals among the prestigious adornments that we admire today. 

Coral Jewelry Historical Significance

Coral Jewelry History holds its roots back to the ancient Egyptian and prehistoric European burials. They used them as a protective amulets to ward off evil spirits in the after world. People at that time believed that corals contain a drop of divine blood which possess immense powers. Furthermore, people traded corals between Mediterranean and India at the beginning of first millennium. 

The Gauls used corals in the form of ornaments in their helmets and weapons to protect and strengthen themselves. Romans as well used the precious jewel as a protective entity and hung it around the neck of their children to protect them from danger. In Italy as well, people used this stunning piece as a protector from evil eye and also for infertility. Coral Meaning thus deduced through historical significance is protection. 

Coral Metaphysical Properties 

The gem is believed to be bestowed with mysterious healing properties that aid its wearer in multiple ways. The gem symbolizes modesty, wisdom, happiness, and immortality. Its physical healing properties acts as a remedy for intestines, sleeping disorders, and bladder stones. The soothing effect of corals can calm your mind allowing you to have a good night’s sleep. 

Coral Metaphysical Properties allows its wearer to combat foolishness, nervousness, fear, depression, panic, and nightmares. When worn in the right manner, it attracts success and wealth while strengthening foresight of its wearer. You can reduce your stress while meditating with it and allowing its positive energy to flow freely through your body. 

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Coral Jewelry – A Great Trendsetter

Jewelry enthusiasts have long adored these vibrant, naturally-formed, rare varieties from the ancient time in their jewelry pieces. They complement quite well with the silvery sheen of pure 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. Also, you can accent them with other gemstones such as Turquoise to add a pop of color and unique style to your jewelry piece. These designs act as a statement jewelry pieces and creates a magical aura with their impeccable glow. 

Corals have expertise in giving you a cool, funky look while replacing your common mundane look and is often preferred by the unusual jewelry flatterers. Yet, you need to be careful with these natural beauties as they rate around 4 on the Mohs scale of hardness and are delicate in nature. Avoid wearing them in a close touch with other hard gemstones to prevent scratches and damages. 

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