How Much Is Opal Stone Worth?

How Much Is Opal Stone Worth?

Opal Stone Worth

The worth of an Opal Gemstone can vary widely based on numerous elements, which include its size, clarity, color, and rarity. In order to provide a complete understanding of how much is Opal stone worth, we will explore each of these aspects in depth in this write-up.

The thing which makes an Opal a one-of-a-kind Gemstone is the diffraction of light through tiny silica spheres in the opal that creates a play of color. The value of an Opal Gemstone is determined by the mixture of its beauty, rarity & durability.

Elements that Influence the Worth of Opal Stone


One of the vital factor in determining the value of an Opal Gemstone is its size. Generally speaking, the larger the stone, the more valuable it is. That’s why the stones which are larger in size are more difficult and rarer to find compared to stones that are smaller in size. Therefore, it is essential to know that the value of an opal gemstone is not only determined by its size; many other elements are also present there.


The color is the most crucial element in determining the value of an Opal Gemstone. Because Opals are present in a wide range of colors, from white and black to orange, green, and blue. The most precious Opals are those with a bright and vibrant play of colors that covers the whole surface of the stone, while the opals with more muted and dull colors are mostly less important.


The clarity of opal is also one of the factors which determine the worth of the gemstone, and the clearness refers to the degree to which it is free from internal composition & blemishes. Therefore, this fascinating opal is more valuable when it is more transparent and free from inclusions such as “pinfire” patterns, which can enhance an opal’s worth by adding to its distinctive character.


Another essential element that determines the worth of the Opal stone is its rarity. Some types of opals are naturally precious & valuable because they are rarer than others. For example, black opals are the rarest and most valuable opals in the world, which are found in Lightning Ridge in Australia. However, crystal opals are also highly prized for their clarity and bright play of color that are found in the Andes Mountains in South America.


Durability is also one of the essential factors to consider when determining the value of the Opal Gemstone because opals are moderately soft compared to other gemstones, for example, diamonds and sapphires, and can be easily scratched or damaged. Therefore, opals with a more durable body tone, like black or boulder opals, are relatively more valuable than those opals which have a delicate body tone, such as white opals.


Due to the wide variety of this beautiful opal crystal, its price varies according to its Treatments and Quality (color, intensity, durability, size) and the blemishes it shows. Basically, the cost of the opal gemstone per carat depends upon the weight (carats/ratti), and the price of natural opal in India is between rupees 1,000 per carat to rupees 10,000 per carat and above. In India, the cost of plain white opal is from Rs 150 per carat ($4 approx.) to Rs 300 per carat ($6 approx.), but the presence of play of color can influence the prices by Rs 800 per carat ($12 approx.) to Rs 2,400 per carat ($60 approx.)

Types of Opal Gemstone

Ethiopian Opal    

The most preferred opal is Ethiopian opal which is cherished by jewelry wearers and manufacturers across the world. Because it is believed that it works as an emotional intensifier and is the shield of the wearer against all negative energies, the fire and the play of color of this crystal are enough to gain anyone’s attention.

Black Opal

Black opal is a gemstone that contains carbon & iron oxide elements that causes unexpected darkness; it is one of the favored variety because of its accessibility and brilliant sheen it contains. Its price can increase up to $68, which starts from $14. Many good quality black opals are used to design wholesale silver jewelry. 

White Opal

These opals are the most common type of opals, which makes them the cheapest in the range.  It is also believed that this stone is also known as calming & protective stone, helps eliminate negative energies, and brings a sense of peace to mind; its price can fall to $4. But if the gem shows its play of color, it can increase up to $60. The transparency factor can also affect the price of this beautiful crystal.

Fire Opal

The fire opal contributes many positive aspects to the life of the wearer. This alluring crystal helps heal the kidneys and lower back, and even it is a beautiful stone for those who are shy in nature and lack self-confidence. Its costs vary from $10 per carat to $10,000 per carat.

Matrix Opal

Matrix opal is believed to promote calm & peace by means of meditation.  It is known as the best stone for deep inner healing, emotionally as well as mentally. The cost of this dazzling crystal varies from $10 per carat to $100 per carat.

Blue Opal

Blue opal is also known as Peruvian Opal, which gives rise to soothing & positive energies to remove tension and eliminate unclarified thoughts from the mind. It also helps in communication by increasing the confidence of the wearer. It is also believed that it decreases the effect of pressure on mind, body & soul.

Healing Properties of Opal Gemstone

Opal is a beautiful gemstone that contains many healing properties that help to enhance creativity and increase strength & passion toward our dreams. You can wear Opal Jewelry, whether an Opal Ring, Opal Pendant, Opal Earrings, Opal Necklace, or Opal Bracelet. This fascinating stone helps to treat medical disorders of the stomach and eye and also helps to enhance positivity & happiness and find good luck and true love.

That’s why the opal engagement ring is also very famous among lovers, even if it promotes stability in a distressed marriage and helps in the proper functioning of the kidneys. Whoever wears the opal gemstone turns a person into a loving, caring & affectionate person, increasing the mutual understanding and trust between the couples. Many people wear this crystal to attain peace and satisfaction in life. This gemstone is also famous for opening the third eye of the wearer.

Opal October Birthstone  

Opal is the traditional birthstone for October born; this alluring gemstone helps people to live a luxurious life, primarily those people who have travel and tourism businesses. The ancient Romans valued this stone as a stone of good luck, but it is fortunate for the people who were born in October and are assumed to bring good luck and fortune to people who were born in this month. This opal gemstone is also known as the stone of positive transformation. It is also believed that the person who wears this may gain the strength to look forward with positivity by eliminating all the negative energies and emotions that consistently linger in the mind. It is the best stone to bring clarity to any unclear feeling or state.


In conclusion, the Opal stone’s worth can vary widely depending on numerous elements, including its size, color, clarity, rarity, durability, healing & physical properties of the gemstone. The opal, which is large in size, having bright, vibrant color and high clarity are usually the most valuable, so it is essential to consider all these factors when determining the worth of an opal stone.

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